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Lapita Voyage - in polynesischen Booten - nach polynesischer Navigation
The Lapita-Voyage concept
Logbook of the lapita voyage expedition

How did the ancient Polynesians manage to settle islands of the Pacific – which makes 1/3 of our globe’s surface - within only 1,000 years? How could they sail long distances into an unknown world?

Who were these outstanding seafarers ? Where did they initially come from?

60 years ago Thor Heyerdahl tried to show with his Kon-Tiki expedition that the ancient Polynesians could have sailed from South America on Balsa rafts. His book and film about the expedition were sensational, but it was later found, that the Polynesians did not come from South America.

Today we know that these skilled seafarers came from Asia, from Taiwan.

Lapita-Voyage will be the first expedition sailing in 2008 the genuine migration route of the ancient Polynesians.

This will be a 6,000 km long voyage which has not been done before. For more than six months it will draw world wide attention in the international media.

At the end of the voyage both boats will be presented to the inhabitants of the small Polynesian islands of Tikopia and Anuta.

Lapita-Voyage will have some crew aboard, Polynesians,  scientists, a camera-man and the initiators James Wharram, Hanneke Boon (catamaran-designers) and Klaus Hympendahl (author).

Our motto is: “Sailing the path of Green Globalization”. After all, the Polynesians were able to sail to all the Pacific islands using simple Stone Age technology and materials from nature, without exhausting their natural resources.

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